Dr. R. Thomas Noel, M.D.

plastic surgeon

Dr. Noel's Philosophy

I want to optimize safety, minimize risks, and provide safe, timely and appropriate plastic surgery solutions for my patients.

Dr. R. Thomas Noel, M.D.
Dr. R. Thomas Noel, M.D.

“The specialty of plastic surgery covers a very broad range of problems ranging from congenital anomalies to reconstruction of nearly every part of the body. Of course, cosmetic enhancements have also grown in scope along with the specialty of plastic surgery.

My practice covers reconstructive breast surgery and cosmetic surgery, including breast, body, and facial surgery. I enjoy and appreciate that each patient brings a unique set of circumstances, history, and anatomy to address. It is this variety and need for artistic creativity and unique solutions to help my patients that makes plastic surgery so appealing.

The variety of problems plastic surgeons address and the even greater variety of solutions for our patient’s problems is quite appealing. When I first spent time on a plastic surgery rotation in medical school, I knew that this was the path for me.”

– R. Thomas Noel, M.D.

When a surgeon is precise, knowledgeable, personable, reliable and caring all in one package you know you are in the right hands. I have trusted Dr. Noel with several procedures: An abdominoplasty that 20 years later no one notices a scar, blepharoplasty that looks natural 14 years later, a facelift that looks so natural my friends and co-workers want his number.

As a fellow health care professional, there are no words to thank this kind and gentle surgeon.

–B.W., RN